New paper by A. Oeberst, I. von der Beck, U. Cress and S. Nestler is now in press in the journal Applied Cognitive Psychology: Cultural interpretations of global information? Hindsight bias after reading Wikipedia articles across cultures.


New paper by A. Oeberst, I. von der Beck, M. D. Back, U. Cress and S. Nestler is now in press in the journal Psychological Research: Biases in the production and reception of collective knowledge: The case of hindsight bias in Wikipedia.


Richard Rau is supported by a scholarship of the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) for a two-month visiting stay at University of Toronto, Canada as a guest of assistent professor Dr. Erika Carlson.


New paper by Judith Hall, Mitja Back, Steffen Nestler, Denise Frauendorfer, Marianne Schmid Mast, and Mollie Ruben is now in press in the Journal of Personality: "How do different ways of measuring individual differences in zero-acquaintance personality judgment accuracy correlate with each other?"


Steffen Nestler is supported by a grant of the German Research Foundation (DFG) for the project „Estimation of complex social relations model data with maximum likelihood and Bayesian methods”. The funded project is a cooperation project with Oliver Lüdtke working at the IPN in Kiel, Germany.


New paper by Sarah Humberg, Michael Dufner, Felix Schönbrodt, Katharina Geukes, Roos Hutteman, Maarten van Zalk,  Jaap Denissen, Steffen Nestler, and Mitja Back in press in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology: Enhanced versus simply positive: A new condition-based regression analysis to disentangle effects of self-enhancement from effects of positivity of self-view.


New Paper by Steffen Nestler, Katharina Geukes, Roos Hutteman, and Mitja Back is now in press in Psychometrika: "Tackling longitudinal round-robin data: The Social Relations Growth Model."


Doctoral candidate Richard Rau received a three year funding for his
research project "Differential Tendencies in Perceiving Others' Agency
and Communion: Psychometric Properties and Consequences.". Funds were granted by the graduates committee of the university of Leipzig.


New Paper by Steffen Nestler, Marius Leckelt, Mitja D. Back, Ina von der Beck, Ulrike Cress, and Aileen Oeberst is now in press in Psychologische Rundschau: "Produktion von naturwissenschaftlichen Informationen im Internet am Beispiel von Wikipedia".


On the 18th European Conference on Personality in Timisoara (Romania) Caroline Wahle received the first prize of the Poster award of the European Association of Personality Psychology (Title: Appearing smart, confident and motivated: A lens model approach to teachers’ judgment accuracy co-authors; Mitja D. Back, Steffen Nestler, Johanna Pretsch, Friedrich-Wilhelm Schrader, Anna-Katharina Praetorius, and Katrin Hochdörffer). Congratulations!


New paper by Katharina Geukes, Steffen Nestler, Roos Hutteman, 
Albrecht C. P. Küfner, and Mitja D. Back is now in press in the 
Journal of Research in Personality: "Trait Personality and State 
Variability: Predicting Individual Differences in Within- and 
Cross-Context Fluctuations in Affect, Self-Evaluations, and Behavior 
in Everyday Life".


The new section Psychological Methods started its work at the University of Leipzig. Steffen Nestler is appointed professor for Psychological Method as per April 1st, 2016.

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